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Dubai is a city known for its brilliant nightlife and glistening waters. But it’s also a city known for its thriving economy and fantastic commercial prospects.

Maybe, for this reason, so many entrepreneurs looking to launch a company in the United Arab Emirates select Dubai as their center of operations. More than 55,000 brand-new business licenses were issued in the last year alone. Continue reading if you want to learn how to get a trade license in Dubai and follow this growing trend.

What Is a Trade License in Dubai?

The business license is a legal document that specifies the kinds of operations a firm is permitted to conduct in the UAE. The Department of Economic Development is responsible for issuing each trade license. In Dubai, general trading licenses are valid for a variety of pursuits. These include engaging in commercial activity, including importing and exporting items.

A Dubai trade license is available to businesses in Dubai Free Zones. Professionals that provide services unique to their business can also apply for a Dubai trade license.

Business license types in Dubai

For foreigners opening businesses in Dubai, there are two popular forms of business licenses available. The first is a license for the mainland. You can start a business anywhere on the mainland of the UAE with this license. However, as mentioned above, you might need to cooperate with a local sponsor as a non-resident to trade.

Starting a business in a free zone is the alternative. As a foreigner or non-resident, this is typically the most accessible and affordable way to launch a business in the UAE. Depending on the free zone, you can receive a 100% exemption from customs taxes, no currency restrictions, and 0% corporate tax.

Submit a licensing application

How to get a business license in Dubai
How to get a business license in Dubai

If you are establishing a business on the mainland, you should submit your application to the appropriate organization, such as the Dubai Department of Economic Development. You can apply directly to the managing authority if opening a shop in a free zone.

What Advantages Do Trade Licenses Offer in Dubai?

Many business owners want to establish branches or organizations in the UAE because of the nation’s numerous business advantages. You have a lot of opportunities to manufacture or import goods if you have a general commerce license. You can send your goods to the Dubai market or send them abroad to earn money from other markets.

A general trade license additionally enables business owners to re-export their products. This could improve your company’s capacity for international trading in goods and services.

Many companies search for laws and rules gaps to increase their profits. Customers, however, are more likely to trust businesses that take the time to abide by the law. Additionally, the license increases the company’s visibility in the markets it serves. This aids in increasing its credibility and winning the loyalty of its clientele.

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