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Dubai is a beautiful city and one that I have visited many times. You should consider this before traveling there, especially if you’re a woman or planning on doing any activities that might be regarded as “taboo” in Dubai. To answer the question, “Is Dubai safe?” it’s essential to understand the laws and customs of the country.


Dubai is a safe place to visit, but you need to know and abide by the country’s laws. As with most other countries, you can be arrested if you break the law in Dubai.

Local laws and customs

Dubai is an Islamic city, and the laws reflect this. If you are in Dubai, you must respect customs and traditions. You should be aware of the following:

Sharia law 

Sharia law prohibits homosexuality and cross-dressing, as well as drinking alcohol or using drugs. It also forbids public affection between men and women who are not married (as such behavior may be interpreted as adultery). This means public kissing or hugging between a man and woman could lead to arrest.


Prostitution is illegal in Dubai; if you are caught soliciting sex from another person, both parties could face prosecution by local authorities. The punishment for solicitation may include deportation from Dubai or imprisonment for up to six months with hard labor.

Is Dubai safe for travel
Is Dubai safe for travel

Drinking alcohol

It isn’t legal for those under 21 years old to drink alcohol in Dubai; those who do so risk arrest by local authorities as well as a fine ranging from 1,000 AED (USD 272) – 5,000 AED (USD 1,360). In some cases where someone has been drinking heavily at one of Dubai’s many nightclubs (which can often get very loud), police may warn them about their behavior rather than arresting them outright – but if they feel threatened by your actions or if they receive complaints from other patrons about your behavior while they’re working then they will probably take action against you anyway!

It’s OK to drink alcohol in Dubai; however, there are some restrictions on where and how much you can drink while there:

  1. You can only drink at hotels that serve liquor and will provide a private table/lounge area for your group;
  1. There are certain areas where it may be acceptable to drink outside (such as by the pool), but this will depend upon what kind of hotel it is and whether or not there are other individuals around who might be offended by seeing someone drinking alcohol around them.

Certain Areas

If you decide to venture outside of these areas that have been deemed safe by locals living in Dubai, then be sure not to take any valuables with you (including your phone). Keep them locked up at home, where they’ll be safe until after your visit! If this isn’t an option for some reason, or if losing valuable items is too much of a risk for someone who wants a little more adventure than just walking around on foot, then maybe consider hiring one of those electric scooters instead so that people around town won’t notice much about what kind of vehicle was used when leaving those unsafe zones behind before driving back out onto streets again where no one could tell which direction might lead somewhere else next time around either way.


We know that the world can be scary, but the fact is that Dubai is an incredible city to visit. It’s got plenty of attractions for families, groups and couples alike. Whether you’re planning on staying in one of its many hotels or renting out an apartment for your stay, there are plenty of things to see and do in Dubai.

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