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In Middle East, Dubai is considered as one of the top locations for business travelers and investors. Modern infrastructures and government policies encourage the expansion of both small and large firms.

Business opportunities in Dubai are available to foreign investors and the United Arab Emirates nationals. In reality, Dubai actively seeks out foreign investors because having a foreign company there significantly positively impacts the local economy.


With a growing population, there is a significant demand for qualified healthcare services in Dubai. People from Asia are also in large numbers in Dubai, seeking more affordable and high-quality services than in other regions. If you want to start a business in the healthcare industry in Dubai, you can also take advantage of the free zone known as “Dubai Healthcare City” and get going immediately.

Commercial Real Estate

Numerous immigrants, both those with families and those without, have opened the real estate market. Start a company in Dubai that offers real estate services for industrial, residential, and commercial properties.

Consultancy Service

Those with the necessary credentials and substantial expertise in a given subject can start a consulting company. Ensure you have all the required approvals before forming your company and beginning operations.

Hair Salon

Are you licensed as a beautician? Or you have experience in the area. Then pursue a career in the beauty industry. Low investment is required to launch the business. It could later be increased as you develop.

What are business opportunities in Dubai
What are business opportunities in Dubai

Restaurant Business 

One of our basic requirements is food. In Dubai, a restaurant that presents high-quality food will be successful. Due to the large number of single ex-pats living in the Emirate, Dubai’s restaurant industry is likely to succeed.

Services/Maintenance for Handymen

A handyperson can handle various jobs, such as installs, repairs, woodworking, painting, and renovations. Those minute tasks preserve the more important things. The seemingly easy but complex works that others don’t have the time or inclination to complete. Everyone in Dubai, whether business owners, professionals, real estate investors, or just busy people, must contact maintenance companies because there is no longer a “throwaway generation.” If you believe yourself to be a “jack of all trades” and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, starting a maintenance business can be your best option. And right now, when Dubai is overflowing with ex-pats, is the ideal time to start a handyman service.

Jewelry Industry

No of the time of year, a jewelry store in Dubai is guaranteed to be crowded with visitors of all nationalities. The retail jewelers in the Emirate sell to ex-pats, tourists, and people from more than 180 different countries. Do we need to explain why starting a jewelry business in Dubai—the “Mecca of Gold”—is such a good idea? Dubai is well known throughout the world for its top-notch gold and diamonds. Purchasing gold from Dubai is very common among foreigners. The main offenders are purity, affordability, variety, price stability, and a chance for negotiating. You won’t ever regret your decision to operate a jewelry store in Gold & Diamond Park, Gold Souk, or Meena Bazaar.

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